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Development Programs

Having been founders of the Bounce Back Project, a collaborative of three health systems, we have been positioned for the last several years to do deep development work within our community and with communities across the United States. In the four years since our inception, educators, students, business leaders, and healthcare providers are experiencing renewed purpose and meaning and are developing the courage to live a life founded on strong relationships and improved social connection. In the school districts and communities in which we work, we have shown a 25% decrease in bullying and a 25% decrease in teenagers needing to access the Emergency Room for a mental health diagnosis. In those same communities, we have shown a 15% decline in adults accessing our Emergency Rooms for a mental health diagnosis.

We know that the quality of relationships in your life is the best predictor of how happy your are, how healthy you are, and how long you will live. Period. End of story. Imagine what you could do to light a fire in your community?

If you are interested in our community development programs, please contact us so that we can put together a program to bring joy, meaning, and purpose to your community.

Daring Communities

Show Up. Be Seen. Live Brave™. Based on the research of Brené Brown.

Daring Communities is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown and helps communities and community leaders learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus for this workshop is to develop resiliency skills and daily practices that transform the way your community will live, lead, connect with each other, and care for one another.

Designed for work with individuals, work teams, organizational leaders, and community organizers, participants will identify:

  • Ways to strengthen the relationships in their communities

  • Opportunities to be an “everyday leader”

  • Courage to be counter cultural and actually BE HAPPY

  • How their perfectionism and inner critic gets in the way

  • How to develop a deeper sense of compassion and empathy for friends and neighbors

In Daring Communities, you and your community will develop practices that will transform the way you show up and are seen in each others lives. Have you always wanted to live in a community where you felt like you all truly belonged? Be courageous and begin the journey with Daring Communities

Rising Communities

The Reckoning. The Rumble. The Revolution.™ Based on the research of Brené Brown.

Rising Communities is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s latest research on vulnerability and courage. The primary focus for this workshop is to help pick yourself back up after you were daring and courageous and ended up face down in the arena. You will learn the power of sharing your stories of struggle as you work to transform yourself and your community into a place of true connection and belonging.

Rising Communities workshop will provide insights into:

  • Rising after failure, disappointment, and loss, and the process for moving through them

  • The physics of vulnerability and guidelines for rising after a fall

  • Recognizing and capturing the stories we make up when faced with struggle

  • Writing your own daring endings to tough stories

Rising Communities is a session that is meant to deepen the understanding of communities after having participated in Daring Communities