Our Community Development Programs

Having been founders of the Bounce Back Project, a collaborative of three health systems, we have been positioned for the last several years to do deep development work with our community and with communities across the United States.

Our work with the Bounce Back Project was born out of loss in our home community of Buffalo, Minnesota, when two of our highly respected and loved friends and physician colleagues died in 2014. These deaths caused us to pause and ask some important questions — not only about how fragile life is, but about the choices we make each day.

Shortly thereafter, a group of physicians and leaders developed a program that held not only personal meaning, but would grow to be meaningful for the post traumatic growth of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

In the four years since the inception of the Bounce Back Project, well over 10,000 people have heard our presentations. Educators, students, business leaders, and healthcare providers are experiencing renewed purpose and meaning and are developing the courage to live a life founded on strong relationships and improved social connection.

We recognize these tools make a difference in our own lives. Just as important however, is the research that shows the quality of relationships in your life is the one best predictor of how happy your are, how healthy you are, and how long you will live. Period. End of story.

If you are interested in our community development programs, please contact us so that we can put together a program to bring joy, meaning, and purpose to your community.

Corey Martin