We empower
human potential.


Creating the ideal future for yourself and your organization.

Whether you are looking to transform your personal life, your organization, or your entire community, our topics on leadership, courage, purpose, and resilience will help you master the tools to create the ideal future for you and your organization. 

With our roots deeply steeped in healthcare, research, and efficiency, Innovations in Resilience offers a unique, scientifically-based perspective on how to rediscover joy, meaning and purpose in our personal lives and our work environments. AND we do it in the most efficient way - workshops and retreats that create a safe space for people to open up, take risks and embrace what is possible. 


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.



It all started when…

As founders of the Bounce Back Project, a collaborative of three healthcare systems, we have been positioned for the last several years to dive into the deep personal development work for members of our communities across the United States.

Our work with the Bounce Back Project was born out of loss in our home community of Buffalo, Minnesota, when two of our highly-respected and loved friends and physician colleagues passed away in 2014. These deaths caused us to pause and ask some important questions — not only about how fragile life is, but also about the choices we make each day.

Since the inception of the Bounce Back Project and Innovations in Resilience, thousands of people have heard our presentations or taken part in our personal development programs. Educators, students, business leaders, and healthcare providers have experienced renewed purpose and meaning and developed the courage to live a life founded on strong relationships and improved social connection.

If you are interested in our leadership and organizational development programs or would like to host one in your community, please contact us so that we can put together a program to bring joy, meaning, and purpose to you and your organization. Also check out the Bounce Back Project for upcoming personal development programs facilitated by one of our founders and Bounce Travels for our upcoming travel retreats.