Good work is done with heart as well as knowledge and skill, done with a depth of commitment that brings integrity and courage to the workplace.
— Parker Palmer
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coreY L. MARTIN, MD, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator

Corey Martin is a Yale-trained family physician driven to change the delivery of healthcare and improve the mental and physical health of our communities.  He is a founder of the Bounce Back Project (, practicing private group physician, Bush Fellow, and lead physician in Allina Health’s response to clinician burnout.  Driven to do this work by the loss of two colleagues and friends, Corey strives to create an environment of opportunity in which all of us can do the deep, heartfelt work of changing the way we show up and interact in each other’s lives.  One of the ways he does this is by facilitating resilience retreats across the United States and throughout the world.  He is both a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Center for Courage and Renewal Facilitator and facilitates workshops based on the work of Brené Brown and Parker Palmer. In his free time, he enjoys working on his farm that he has recently turned into an event center.  He lives in Buffalo, MN with his wife and three daughters.  He is a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring “good enoughist”



Michael is a retired professor of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Minnesota. Michael grew up in Minneapolis in a troubled alcoholic violent home that led him to the streets and juvenile delinquency. After multiple arrests and stints in reform schools, he dropped out of high school, joined the Navy, and after discharge obtained his GED. From there, he went to the University of Minnesota, obtained a degree in Biology, then his MD. He stayed on at the University for his General Surgical Training, and then completed his Thoracic Surgical training at the University of Toronto before returning on faculty in the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota in 1982. Over the next 20 years he rose through the ranks to become a full Professor of Surgery, the Garamella-Lynch-Jensen endowed chair in Thoracic Surgery, program director of the general surgery training program, and Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery. He now spends much of his time sharing his story with healthcare providers and focuses on helping them build their own personal resilience, awareness, and self-compassion.



Brett believes health care organizations can do better.  And he believes we have the talented and spirited caregivers to make it happen.  He is passionate about developing thriving people that are foundational to building thriving organizations. Brett is one of those unique individuals who has sharp business savvy along with a humble, authentic interest in teaming with others. His life experience growing up and working in a blue collar community as well as his struggle with depression inspire his grit, grace and gratitude. 

Brett partners with clients to develop strategies to align structures, processes, and people to balance what he calls “the head and heart” of health care.  He understands how to develop and execute positive organizational competencies including interprofessional coordination and collaboration across complex systems.  Brett spent 20 years in health care leadership roles and his most recent executive role prior to joining Creative Health Care was Vice President of Strategy and Human Resources in one of the largest health care systems in the Midwest.

Brett earned his Masters of Arts in Health Administration from the University of Iowa. He also is a certified Kaizen (Lean) Leader.


Combined short story of working together.